What You Can Do

Join us!  Reach out to us on our Facebook page or join our Yahoo Group!  Come to meetings and start reaching out to legislators!


Contact your US Representative and ask them to join the Bipartisan Congressional Dyslexia Caucus.

Find your US and State Representatives here!


Write your personal story and send it to your Illinois Senators and Representatives!

Sign up for our Parent Network and join forces with other parents in your school district!!

Things You Can Do




  • Patty Knepler

    I am very interested in being actively involved in this organization. Are there any groups that meet in the Springfield area?

  • Catherine Johnson

    I just want to encourage other parents to stay strong and use resources to help your kids! I just got my son’s school to agree to implement the Wilson reading program into his IEP. He’s in third grade and finally seeing progress with reading after we got him tested six months ago and started tutoring with the Wilson reading method. It took a lot of work, meetings and frustration to line everything up but he now reads to ME every night! I’ve been really upset and discouraged to see my son’s self esteem plummet over the last couple of years. He is starting to feel good about himself as he decodes dyslexia for himself and his teachers! I expect our advocacy to help other children at his school and encourage everyone to keep working hard to promote literacy for our struggling readers!

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