READ Act is Heading to the President’s Desk!

On February 4th the BiPartisan READact HB3033 unanimously passed the Senate and House and is now awaiting the Presidents signature.
This is the first bill that has ever specifically addressed Dyslexics. The Bill is a small step in a long process to catch early and support appropriately ALL Dyslexic students in our nation. Decoding Dyslexia MA joins other Decoding Dyslexia State groups and asks that you contact the President of the United States of America and ask him to Please sign the Legislation and have a ceremony for dyslexic students to attend.

White House Contact 


The READ Act requires the president’s annual budget request to Congress to include the Research in Disabilities Education program of the National Science Foundation (NSF). As amended, the bill requires the NSF to devote at least $2.5 million annually to dyslexia research, which would focus on best practices in the following areas:

•Early identification of children and students with dyslexia
•Professional development about dyslexia for teachers and administrators
•Curricula development and evidence-based educational tools for children with dyslexia

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