IL Rep. Education Committee Members

Our Representatives are back in their offices this week!  Lets make some phone calls!

Why don’t we work on calling all of the Education Committee Reps this week!!!


Fred Crespo 630-372-3340


Monique Davis 773-445-9700

Kenneth Dunkin 312-266-0340

Marcus Evans 773-783-8492

Esther Golar 773-925-6580

Camille Lilly 773-473-7300


Robert Pritchard 815-748-3494


Michael Unes 309-620-8631

Crystal Lake

Barbara Wheeler 815-900-6759


Rita Mayfield 847-599-2800


Bill Mitchell 217-876-1968


Donald Moffitt 309-343-8000


  • Genevra E. Snetcher

    I totally support the Decoding Dyslexia Illinois movement. It is time for our state government and especially our State Board of Education to acknowledge the children who are dyslexic The State Board of Education listed dyslexia under Reading Disabilities in July, 2012, so why are there no specific classes in the schools or at the university level for new teachers and/or graduate students?

    • Jennifer Fitzer

      Thank you for your support ! Genevra – are you interested in meeting with your legislator ? We can try and have a rep from Decoding Dyslexia Join you !

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