Getting Things Moving Again!

There are a lot of exciting things gaining momentum here in Illinois. It feels good that communities are coming together again to focus on positive change for our students.

The Everyone Reading Illinois Conference is just a week away and there is still time to register. Dynamics of Dyslexia is a virtual event with live and pre-recorded sessions.

Everyone Reading Illinois has been working with Senator Julie Morrison to bring forth Senate Bill 2936 which would create a dyslexia screening process for student in K-2. Please consider contacting your State Senators and Representatives to let them know the importance of early screening and ask them to sponsor SB2936! You can find your legislators here.

There are two resolutions up for a vote at the Illinois Association of School Board Delegate Assembly meeting November 20th.

Resolution 1 will give the IASB a mandate to lobby ISBE (IL State Board of Ed) to require future teacher candidates to take coursework in and pass a test on the science that supports how children learn to read. This is recommended to pass by IASB!

Resolution 8 would urge the adoption of legislation that all Elementary Schools in Illinois use the science of reading in k-5 curriculum, including in-depth Phonemic Education to teach every student proficient reading sills that include reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary acquisition. Unfortunately this has not been recommended to pass by IASB but you can still ask your local district to vote YES!

You can find both of these resolutions in the 2021 Delegate Assembly Report.

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