Any effort, whether great or small, is very much appreciated to help spread awareness about dyslexia and getting schools to implement evidenced based reading programs.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Get Educated
  • Knowing special education law is a must!  Peter Wright is a special ed lawyer that also happens to be dyslexic as well as ADHD.  Every parent must read Wrightslaw’s From Emotions to Advocacy  (see my “cliffnotes” here), sign up for their email newsletters, and refer to his website often – it has everything a parent needs to know!
  • Subscribe to the International Dyslexia Association’s e-newsletter – it is FREE
Join Organizations
In Your School District
  • Go to school board meetings and tell your story! They don’t know what questions to ask the Superintendent if they’re not familiar with your situation!
  • Send school board members, administrators, and teachers information about dyslexia and evidence based reading programs.
  • Request teacher development and training in understanding and remediating dyslexia to support the dyslexic children within our educational system.
  • Ask local businesses and employers to donate to an educational training fund as they have a vested interest in schools that produce literate future employees.