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Our Summer at Camp Dunnabeck

For years my son Josh and I have been playing the game ” What would you do if you win the lottery”. Invariably, Josh will come up with a version of building a school where all dyslexic students can go for free, where their talents are supported, and you do not have to feel bad about yourself about stuff that is hard for you. In his imagination, this school is located somewhere with lots of space, horse back riding, tennis,

Sweating Parent Involvement?

We all hear about how important parent involvement is in a child’s education.  It leads to better student engagement, higher test scores and increased graduation rates.  So what if you’re a parent who’s palms sweat at the idea of walking through the front doors of the school?  What if your heart races at the idea of a parent teacher conference, or speaking with the principle about an issue your son or daughter may be having? Learning difficulties are often hereditary.